What We Do

Baca’s Support Ethos is based on the principles of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The holistic approach developed by Baca is underpinned by this principle, focusing on increased personal safety, improved physical wellbeing, increased engagement with education, employment and training, improved physical wellbeing and increased social engagement. This is delivered through safe and culturally appropriate supported accommodation, therapeutic support work, education and skills training, enabling the building positive safe relationships through leisure and social engagements. This approach provides the young people with opportunities to grow and develop into thriving adults through the investment of hope, support, guidance and challenge.

Housing & Living

Housing is more than a roof over one’s head. It is a safe place to be oneself, feel…

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Education & Training

Most of the young people who arrive at Baca do not speak English and learning the language is…

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One of the pillars of Baca’s holistic vision is sports. Sports are not only a way for young…

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Art Therapy

Art Therapy is an extremely beneficial tool for the young people at Baca. For those whose language is…

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Each one of our young people has a powerful story to tell, of how they have found hope…

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