Investing Hope, Shaping Futures

Our vision is a world where forced migrants are welcomed, safe, and have hope to rebuild their lives for a better future.

We believe each young person has a dignity worth uncovering, talents worth discovering and a life worth living to their fullest of potential, no matter their past or their present circumstances. We enable young people 16+ in age who are seeking asylum, some of whom have been victims of trafficking, to achieve this positive future through providing specialist supported accommodation and holistic development training.


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Our Model

Our model is based on Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. We believe that no one is limited by their past experiences or their present challenges. Our model seeks to inspire hope in each young person to achieve the potential that is in them to become positive and empowered individuals. Baca has developed an individualised holistic approach to empower young people, taking into account each young person’s uniqueness. Through our support, we aim to support young people to achieve positive outcomes in their physical and emotional wellbeing, social engagement, personal safety and education, employment or training.

Centre of excellence

About Baca

Over the last 11 years, Baca has developed expertise as a specialist in supporting unaccompanied young people. We have worked with over 10 different Local Authorities, providing high needs support for over 200 young people from over 15 different countries. Our holistic approach, enables young people to become empowered individuals, has been recognised as the benchmark for excellence in providing supported accommodation by relevant UK government departments.

Working with young people for 10 years

We’ve worked with over 200 young people from across the world

We’ve had the privilege of working with young people from 15 different countries for over 10 years. Despite experiencing exploitation, abuse, grief, fear, shame, anxiety, loss, lack of language skills and knowledge of culture, they are young people not limited by their past. They are extraordinarily generous, kind, hospitable, friendly, gracious and extremely resilient.

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10+ Local Authorities use Baca

Baca works with a number of local authorities in the provision of care for young people across the Midlands. We enjoy excellent working relationships with Social Workers from these different authorities. We believe in partnership and highly value the close working relationship we have which enables us to give the best possible support to young people and also ensure that the work we do meets and exceeds the local authorities’ requirements.


Baca have gained significant knowledge and experience in working with young people who have been trafficked or are at risk of trafficking. Baca advocates that child victims need dedicated specialist care that gives a secure and appropriate environment where they can learn how trust people again, recover and begin to rebuild their lives.

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There are hundreds of ways you can fundraise for Baca, helping to provide the necessary resources that can make a huge difference in our young peoples lives.

“Baca staff worked with sensitivity & understanding, alongside this young person supporting her to build her trust and confidence. They worked appropriately... co-operation with other agencies to safeguard this young person and continued to provide a highly valued standard of care.”
Social Worker, LCC