Housing & Living

Housing is more than a roof over one’s head. It is a safe place to be oneself, feel at home and have the opportunity to develop and step into a brighter future. It is about both meeting basic needs and about finding belonging and safety. Our specialist supported accommodation appropriately and sensitively safeguards young people (girls and boys) taking into account the unique vulnerabilities around trafficking, asylum seeking and exploitation. The service we provide covers the spectrum of need from New Arrival Houses, through Semi-Independent Learning Houses to Post-18 Accommodation. The staged approach to accommodation provides a safe space for young people to take the next step whilst taking into account their individual needs. It enables the young people to progress towards independence whilst having the appropriate support in place at each stage of their development.

New Arrival Care – Victims of Trafficking/At Risk of Trafficking

Baca has built up significant expertise and facilities over 8 years in effective work with unaccompanied young people who are who are seeking asylum, been trafficked into the UK or are at risk of trafficking.

Baca provides a 24/7 365 days On Call Service where we can pick up any young person who is newly arrived into the country from a referral from a Social Worker or from the Emergency Duty Team (out of hours) and take them to a dedicated safe place where they can be assessed.

A trained member of the Baca management team will accompany the young person to a house designed specifically for new arrivals.

Baca’s trained and experienced team works proactively to identify trafficking risk indicators in order to respond quickly and effectively to safeguard young people from going missing. Baca believes that the first few days of a young person’s life in the UK is formative and we therefore have put new arrivals systems and procedures, identifying immediate needs to ensure they feel welcomed, safe, recover and can take steps to be at ease in a new environment.

We have developed this provision alongside the work we do with newly arrived unaccompanied asylum seeking children and employ the same qualities to cater for the needs presenting from these two cohorts of young people.

Baca provides a new arrival support package for the first six months to help young people to adapt to life in the UK by preparing them for their life ahead, teaching them essential life skills such as cooking, cleaning, safety awareness, budgeting etc as well as enrolling them on our in-house specially tailored ESOL course so they are able to communicate and fit into UK society easier.

Our work has shown that these young people are more successful when they do move into semi-independent living.

Semi-Independent Living

Baca provides move on options for young people who have been through the new arrivals accommodation or who come to us from foster care and are ready for more independent living that allow young people to train in how to sustain a tenancy. This is a crucial next step to enable the young person to discover their strengths, abilities, become independent and start to live out their potential.  We build on the life skills that have been learnt in the arrivals housing with the aim that the young person becomes more proficient and confident in living skills such as: 

  • Everyday budgeting 
  • Shopping, cooking and nutrition 
  • Cleaning and maintaining a home 
  • Paying bills 
  • Staying safe at home 
  • Managing behaviour and being part of a community 
  • Positive healthy life styles 
  • Accessing the help they might need e.g. medical, legal, educational 

Baca is acutely aware that as a young person is going through this training programme and starts to adapt to living more independently, they are likely to also be going through a Home Office legal case.  Support through this time is fundamental as it can cause great strain and stress.  We help young people to learn how to adapt to difficult circumstances and manage stress. 

18+ Moving to Independence

Baca can work with local authorities to find move on accommodation for young people who have turned 18 and need to be independent.

We can also provide ‘floating’ support to young people who have moved on from one of our properties or other supported accommodation but still need support as they move to full independence and may be still having to work through the complex asylum legal system.

We can also provide this support to young people who have received a negative final asylum decision and are awaiting return to their country of origin or are awaiting social housing.

Our Accommodation

Baca seek to provide homes that make the young people feel comfortable and safe. They are a place they can recover from what they have been through and start to look to their futures. Our houses are situated in locations that are suitable for our young people in terms of safety and sensitivity to culture. The accommodation is also near local amenities such as colleges, youth clubs, leisure centres, shopping areas, churches, mosques etc.

Baca are always open to investigating setting up additional homes so we can support more young people in current locations or in other counties, in partnership with local authorities.

What’s included in a Baca room?

Within each home, a young person will have the following as a minimum in their bedroom:

  • A bed
  • Desk, chair and lamp for study
  • Wardrobe space
  • Bedside table

The young people have access to a shared bathroom (with shower), lounge with entertainment, dining area, kitchen with all required cooking utensils, laundry facilities and an outdoor space.

All of our houses comply with the local standards for HMOs and the requirements of Housing Acts, Housing Health and Safety Rating system (HHSRS) 2006, Public Health/Buildings Acts 1936-84, Fire Safety regulations 1988 and amendments. We are also flexible to provide any further standards that a local authority might require.

Baca believes that providing quality living spaces teaches young people how to live sustainably and how to maintain positive life skills. We will always endeavour to ensure that the quality of our properties reflect those values.