Education & Training

Most of the young people who arrive at Baca do not speak English and learning the language is their greatest educational need. But many of these young people have had no formal education or their school years have been disrupted by war and conflict in their home countries leaving them with lower literacy levels and significant gaps in their knowledge of key subjects.

At Baca we aim to give our young people the opportunity to relearn to learn using a holistic approach that offers pastoral and educational care and supports the young people’s personal and social journey alongside learning English as a second language.

Baca’s Future Focused Programme

Baca’s Future Focused Programme has been designed to inspire each individual young people to aspire to and to achieve, wherever possible, their full potential, socially, academically and vocationally.

Baca believes in the value of triple planning, helping a young person prepare for the future including a future back in their home country.

Therefore, we work alongside the young person to help them engage with opportunities such as English learning, workshops, work experience and extracurricular activities that develop their skills and their passions, giving them the experience and training they need to move forward into their futures.

There is a clear need to provide workable and durable solutions for this group of children and young people (whether that involves long term stay in the UK or return
and Baca is a specialist in this particular area.
Simon Bentley, Assistant Direc


A fundamental part of the education and training programme is Baca’s daily in-house English, Maths and ICT teaching provision. Learning to communicate in English is one of the most important aspects of Baca’s work. It allows young people to develop, grow in confidence, express emotion and understand some of the processes/situations that they find themselves in. It enables them have the foundations to rebuild their lives.

Our qualified and experienced staff teaching team provide pre-entry ESOL teaching and Entry-level support to all of those in our care. This provision is designed to take into account the trauma, past education experience, literacy in own language and other factors which may have an influence on their learning capacity. This then allows access to mainstream provision in local colleges and schools. Our provision also caters for young people who are not ready to access mainstream education provision to achieve Entry 1 qualification through a partnership with WQE college in Leicester.

Our education team also support those young people who are studying at college but placed with us, additional support through 1 to 1 education mentoring and supplementary tutoring to enable the young people to make the most progress they are capable of making.

Baca is a very impressive organisation, with highly professional and skilled staff who make a very real difference in the lives of the young people they support. The
and make a genuine contribution to Loughborough, by helping young people in great need to integrate and contribute in their turn to the
Jos Razzell, Loughborough Coll
Young Person’s Story


Daniel (not his real name) comes from Iraq, he had no English whatsoever when he arrived and added to this he had no literacy skills in his mother tongue, which made the prospect of learning a new language much harder. Daniel was therefore unable to join WQE College, Leicester last…