Art Therapy

Art Therapy is an extremely beneficial tool for the young people at Baca. For those whose language is a barrier, being introduced to art can be important in facilitating communication. But more than this, art enables the young person to do something for themselves, to express their own imagination, their thoughts and their identity at a time when they are faced with the challenge of a new country, new language and new culture. It can allow stories to be told and witnessed, build resilience and a sense of being listened too and that their experiences are important.

During art sessions, the young people learn how art and creativity can help with their mental health and are given the opportunity for one to one sessions.

Young Person’s Story

Art Therapy Case Study

Zamir (not his real name) is from Eritrea and chose to attended our in-house art therapy session because he was having nightmares. When he was drawing, Zamir started to talk about his home and family. The art therapist spoke to him about how drawing is a way to express thoughts…