We currently care for a number of boys from Sudan and Eritrea, one of these boys Rana (not his real name) loves football. He has developed his game through both the outdoor sessions, but also the futsal sessions indoors. At one of the futsal sessions in October we joined another group of young people from outside of Baca. Rana and the other boys had a great time and the other group were very friendly to them, which was great to see. The coach was really impressed with how well both teams got on. Both groups had different skill levels, but all our boys felt really comfortable enjoying having a go, and smiling when they made a mistake, which showed a great level of maturity. Over the winter three of our boys including Rana joined a local football team, they practice in the week, and have games on Saturday. Spending time with people outside of Baca has really helped Rana’s confidence, and helped improve his English.

Young Person’s Story