Educational Story

Arif (not his real name) is from Sudan and travelled through Libya and France before arriving at Baca at the end of 2018. On arrival Arif spoke no English and had very little education in his home language, this made learning a second language even more challenging. Arif also couldn’t cook as his sisters had done this at home. Right from the start he worked hard to learn, after a few weeks he was cooking dinner with his support worker. In a review of his progress in January Arif commented how in a few months he has learnt to “cook, speak English, use trains and buses, wash clothes, and budget money”. In January he also started attending additional weekly reading sessions with one of our reading volunteers. Our volunteer lead spoke to Arif after the session to see how it went, he said "yes, very, good, she is a good teacher”. He has attended these sessions every week, and has also been supported by students at Loughborough University. After sitting his exams, in June we found out that Arif had passed his Entry 1 English and Maths together with speaking and listening exams. His teacher congratulated him on his achievement, he replied "Thank you so much teacher, you help me, I knew nothing when I came here". Arif started college in September and is doing well.

Young Person’s Story

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