Daniel (not his real name) comes from Iraq, he had no English whatsoever when he arrived and added to this he had no literacy skills in his mother tongue, which made the prospect of learning a new language much harder. Daniel was therefore unable to join WQE College, Leicester last September, but under our partnership with WQE he was able to remain with Baca. The accredited course he followed was tailored to meet his needs but with the same objective of passing his Entry 1 exams in maths and English. In February and March he sat the exams and much to everyone’s delight he passed his exams and was able to join college in September this year at Entry 2.

Funder’s Story

National Citizenship Scheme

Team One decided to team up with ‘Baca.’ Baca are a charity who offer specialised supported accommodation and development training for young people seeking asylum. Inspired and motivated by the great work that Baca do in the community, they came to understand that they could make a huge impact on…