Statutory Support

Young people are placed in specialist care via Social Services children’s team. Support is arranged with relevant local authorities.

Days 1-2


  • Initial age assessment and placement

The young people are placed in specialist care via social services children’s team.  If the young person arrives during working hours a social worker will meet them (usually at a police station) to do an initial age assessment and based on this decide which placement option would be best.  The young person would then either be brought to their new home by the social worker or a support worker would meet them at the police station and bring them back.

Often young person arrive in the evening or over the weekend. In these situations their placement is overseen by the EDT (Emergency Duty Team).

We forward on all information to the local authority placements team and link with them to confirm required levels of support.

Weeks 1-2


  • Formal age assessment

If required, age assessment meetings are arranged and hosted at the main office.  Here social workers meet with the young person and a final age is agreed.  This may take several meetings.

Months 1-4


  • Communication with social services’ teams
  • LAC Reviews
  • Statutory visits

Monthly reports are completed by support workers about each young person and forwarded on to their social worker.  These are based around the Every Child Matters categories and also contain reports from the ESOL teachers and workshop leaders.

An initial statutory meeting is organised with the social worker a 3-4 weeks after the young person has arrived.  Here a Pathway Plan is put together, highlighting targets for the young person and the support provision.  Further statutory meetings happen approximately every 6 weeks to review and update this plan based on the young person’s progress.

LAC Review meetings – these are meetings involving the social worker, support worker and an independent review office who is assigned to provide accountability that the care being provided is the best for the young person. The initial meeting is set for 28 days after the young person arrives and here the initial support, risk assessments and the pathway plan are discussed.  Following this meeting a further review is held after 3 months and then they are held every 6 months following.

Weekly occupancy levels are forwarded on to some local authority placement teams as required.

Semi Independence


  • Statutory visits

The young person are accompanied by their support worker to ongoing Statutory meetings and LAC Reviews.

They are encouraged to express their personal view and wishes and a support to contribute to the development and ongoing review of a plan towards independent living.

Move to Independence


  • Statutory visits
  • Housing Benefit & Income support

In partnership with Social Workers, working with the young person to develop and implement a move on plan to independent living.

Identifying the relevant post 18 support and benefits, relating to the young person’s legal status and assisting them in applying for these.