The young person is given space to rest and relax around their new home. Over time they are linked with leisure actives they are interested in.

Days 1-2


  • Space for rest and recovery

The first couple of days are needed for the young person to recover from their long, and often traumatic, journey.  They are given space to rest and relax around their new home and have access to the television with DVD’s and board games and puzzles.

Weeks 1-2


  • Linking with fun activities

The young person is linked in to activities happening with other young people.  They would join in with weekly sports sessions and arts workshops.

If they arrive during holiday period, they would join in with any trips and visits that may be happening.

Months 1-4


  • Linking with fun activities and trips
  • Link to leisure centre/swimming pool

If interested, the young person would be shown the local swimming pool and allowed to swimming sessions and start to learn to swim.

Support workers will link with the social workers to get a membership card for the local leisure centre.  They would be accompanied to the centre and shown what they are able to use.  They would have access to the pool, gym and some classes.

The young person would continue to be linked in with any group activates and encouraged to join in any informal sports sessions with other young people at the park etc.

Semi Independence


  • Linking with fun activities and trips
  • Understanding how to relax and have fun

The young person would be encouraged to be linking in with activates independently.  They would be attending the leisure centre on their own as well as linking with other clubs and youth groups.

As they make friends at college and in other areas, they would be encouraged to meet up with friends and enjoy time with these friends.

If they wanted to stay away for the odd night with friends or go away for a few days, this would be agreed through consultation with their social worker and in line with their risk assessment.  Full details of where they were staying and when they are due back would be noted.

They would continue to be linked in with group activities if they wished.

Move to Independence


  • Continuation of leisure activities away from supported care

The young person is helped to identify sports or club facilities near to where they will be moving on to and encouraged to maintain some fun time.