Family Tracing

When the young person first arrives we find out if they have family connections, either in the UK or overseas.

Days 1-2


  • Ascertain family location

When the young person first arrives we ascertain if they have family connection and record any details of family the young person shares about and where these family members are thought to be, either in the UK or overseas.

Weeks 1-2


  • Contact of family to share safety

If appropriate following a risk assessment we ask if they wish to try to contact family members to let them know they are ok.  If possible and with an interpreter, try to speak to the family member to share with them that the young person is safe.  The family can then encourage the young person to stay in our care if there is any doubt.

Months 1-4 or Semi Independence


  • Link through to family tracing

If the young person wishes, effort is made to try to trace missing family.  Appointments are made with the Red Cross family tracing service.  They are then accompanied and supported in meetings they need to attend relating to this.