Partner with Baca

One of our values is that we believe more can be achieved by working together, that Baca seeks opportunities to add value to other organisations, and for partners who can add value to our work.

By working together, we can raise awareness, we can see change and we can invest in the future of the young people, empowering them to become independent, confident adults, who are fully integrated into our communities.

How you can partner

Corporate Sponsorship

Partnering with Baca, can help us change the lives of some of the most vulnerable young people in the UK.

Why partner with Baca?

  • We have over 10 years experience in the care of unaccompanied asylum seeker children (UASC), and aim to provide excellent support and services
  • We are unique. We provide accommodation, but also holistic support in education, therapy, and sports, ensuring the young people are building a future and integrating into the community around them.
  • We want to add value to our partnership and are keen to support you by providing training and awareness sessions about UASC newsletters, and an invite to a yearly Partner’s event and trafficking, email quarterly

We can provide you with the help needed to ensure a partnership with Baca works for you. It can be in the form of sponsorship, fundraising events, Charity of the Year, donations or maybe you have a specific idea? We are here to ensure that a partnership with us is a huge benefit to you, so contact us by emailing


Maybe you are a local business, a WI, part of the rotary club, a college or university student or part a local group wanting to help make a difference in the lives of our young people who are currently living in your community? We would love to hear from you, arrange to meet you, listen to how you might like to partner with us, whether its speaking at one of your gatherings, supporting you in raising awareness or helping you fundraise. You can contact us by emailing


We love to connect with schools, raising awareness about unaccompanied asylum seeker children with staff and pupils. We are happy to talk about the work of Baca in assemblies and the journey of unaccompanied asylum seekers to the UK.

How you can get involved?

Fundraise though cake sales, collections, sponsored walk to school, school discos, fancy dress days

Charity of the Year – choose us to be charity of the year and we can do an assembly or lesson presentation for your pupils, provide leaflets for events, and help support your fundraising.

Faith groups

There are many ways that faith groups can partner with us, whether it raising awareness, volunteering, choosing Baca as your charity partner or fundraising.