Vision and Values


Baca’s vision is a world where forced migrants are welcomed, safe, and have hope to rebuild their lives for a better future.


It is our mission to serve young people seeking refuge in the UK without families, some of whom have been victims of human trafficking, by offering them safe homes, as well as therapeutic support in all areas of their lives.

We believe each young person arriving on our shores has a dignity worth celebrating, talents worth discovering and a life worth living to its fullest potential, no matter their past experiences nor present circumstances.

We are committed to providing an inspiring environment that raises hope and strengthens resilience, enabling each young person to rebuild his or her life.

Core Purpose

The advancement of education and the relief of poverty among forced migrants in the UK and abroad and the promotion of racial harmony, mutual respect and diversity. To invest hope, either directly or indirectly, through our activities into the lives of those for whom we care, consequently seeing those same lives shaped and realising a better future.

Core Values

Baca is committed to our Core Values which underpin our strategic vision, our relationships and our holistic services. Our Values shape our behaviours and forms our culture. We are committed to these values in all our interactions.

Young Person’s Story


Dilshad (not his real name) was supported by Baca for over two years before he left in 2013. He recently got back in touch, he is married, has a baby, and owns his own business. Dilshad thanked us all for everything we did for him all those years ago and…