Our Name

Baca is named after an ancient place in the Middle East called the Valley of Baca. This place was a waterless and barren valley that pilgrims had to pass on their long journeys to Jerusalem.

It is said that faith and hope turned this arid dry place into springs and that those who journeyed through found refreshment and blessing in the most untoward circumstances.   It gave them strength to continue forward and to have vision for their future.

It is thought that this refreshment came from the trees that lay along the route.  These are often called ‘Baca trees’ or ‘balsam trees’.

Therefore, the name Baca and the logo of a tree represent what we believe we do as an organisation.

The young people who we work with have often experienced terrible and traumatic pasts.  Many have been orphaned, seen war, persecution, been trafficked away from their families and exploited on their journeys as they seek some kind of safety and a chance of a better future.

We hope that as they arrive at Baca, that the faith and hope we invest into these young people give refreshment, hope and passion.  We recognise that we are not their final destination but a place to stop, rest and gain the skills and strength for their onward journeys into their futures.