3000 Mile Challenge

Get outside, get active and join our 3000 Mile Challenge!

Join other supporters of The Baca Charity and take on the 3000-mile challenge, help us collectively walk 3000 miles and raise money for young people seeking asylum. After a long year of lockdowns, it is a good opportunity to get outside, get walking and come together as a community to do something good!  

What is the 3000 mile challenge?  

The average length of a journey made by a young person seeking asylum in the UK is 3000 miles, and can take as long as two or three years. Every year, supporters of Baca are challenged to walk, run or cycle and raise money to provide more support to young people at Baca. While the challenge is running for 12 weeks, between 19th June- 11th September, you can join in as much or as little as you are able, setting your own target to help us reach our collective goal. 

Last year our supporters walked more than 6000 miles, can you help us beat our record?  


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Terms & Conditions

By completing this form, you are registering to take part in the 3000 Mile Challenge (the Event), as organised by The Baca Charity. By completing this form, you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions.  

You may join this Event as an individual or as part of a team, though we reserve the right not to accept any registration for the Event in our absolute discretion. This may be because you, or your team, fail to meet our registration, health and safety requirements, or your participation is likely to harm the charities reputation. 

You agree to aim to raise as much as you can in sponsorship for The Baca Charity and to ensure this money is with The Baca Charity by 30 September 2021.  

If you are collecting donations outside of a JustGiving fundraising page, the donation must be sent to The Baca Charity as soon as is reasonable possible, to send donations by post please use the address- 3000 Mile Challenge, The Baca Charity, 46 Derby Road, Loughborough, LE11 5BX 

The nature of this event involves physical activity and therefore has inherent risks and potential for accident or bodily injury. By registering to take part in this event, you are confirming that you, and your team if you are registering on behalf of them, to the best of your knowledge, are healthy and fit enough to take part and have evaluated the potential risks of participating. If you have any concerns of your suitability for participating in this event, or any health conditions that could be adversely affected by exercise, you should get authorisation from your doctor or physician before participating.  

Taking part in this activity is entirely at your own risk, my registering, you are agreeing that you will not hold The Baca Charity or any of its representatives responsible for any injury, death or loss that might occur as a result of your participation in the Event, except to the extent that personal injury or death is caused by the negligence of The Baca Charity. 

The Baca Charity does not provide you with any type of insurance for participation in the Event, such as for injury, illness, accident or loss that may arise by participation. If you require such insurance, you must obtain it yourself.  

You are agreeing that when fundraising for the benefit of The Baca Charity, you will only use lawful means to fundraise, follow all fundraising guidelines and do nothing which will harm or is likely to harm The Baca Charities reputation. 

You must ensure all sponsors know their donation in support of your fundraising for the Event is a donation to The Baca Charity and is non-refundable, even if the event does not go ahead or you are unable to participate, all sums collected still must be paid into The Baca Charity.  

The personal data provided by on when registering for the Event, will be used to process your registration and then to provide you with additional information about the event, and over the course of the event. After the Event, The Baca Charity will continue to keep in touch with you via email through our quarterly newsletter and one off emails concerning different ways you can support us, only if you have agreed for us to do so on your registration form. See our Baca Privacy Policy for more information on how we use your personal data. If you wish for us to stop sending you information, please get in touch as fundraising@bacacharity.org.uk 

We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the Event takes place, however we do reserve the right to cancel or alter the Event as we may be reasonably required to do.  

The Baca Charity reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without notice.